The wire rope – a quality product for a large variety of applications

Steel wire ropes and steel wire strands are highly durable machine components providing critical functions, like carrying, conveying, lifting, tensioning and holding in a large variety of technical areas.

Steel wire ropes ensure a reliable function and long useful life at temperatures between -40° C and +250° C. Pre- and postforming ensure an excellent handling and enable steel wire ropes to be processed to manufacture the most various finished products.

Hardly any other machine component offers as many technical advantages as the steel wire rope, including flexibility, elasticity, high durability and wear resistance as well as advantageous permanent bending cycle specifications.

The construction and material specifications can be adapted to the individual requirements of the technical environment during the manufacturing process. This includes the use of non-ferrous metals and other materials, like e.g. chemical fibres, depending on the intended purpose.

The quality, variety and innovativity of our member companies’ products are based on decades of experience in manufacturing special technical rope products.

High-performance wire rope products for demanding tasks:

  • Steel wire ropes according to German, European and international standards
  • Special-design steel wire ropes (e.g. low-torsion or torsion-free)
  • Stainless steel wire ropes
  • Wire ropes made of special materials (e.g. highly temperature-resistant, non-magnetic, extension-resistant, etc.)
  • Plastic-covered ropes (e.g. PA, PE, PP, PUR, PVC, FEP)
  • Slings and grummets
  • Custom-made wire ropes with all types of end fittings
  • Wire rope terminations and accessories