• “United by a joint vision!” – Review of the DSV member meeting 2010

“United by a joint vision!” – Review of the DSV member meeting 2010

“The key objective when founding the Drahtseil-Vereinigung e.V. 65 years ago was to create an active network. A network that provides benefits for every individual member – benefits, they otherwise wouldn’t have. Today, we can certainly confirm that the wire rope association’s network is active and effective, creating added value”, DSV Chairman Stephan LaRoche thanked his colleagues, all members and the Managing Director for the constructive and successful cooperation during the member meeting 2010.

The DSV e.V. held its biannual member meeting in the anniversary year of 2010 at the Hotel Schloss Hohenfeld in Münster…

On the first day of the 2-day event, the technical committee held its meeting. Stephan LaRoche expressly emphasized the importance of the work group’s activities. The technical committee’s commitment was once again highly appreciated. In addition, numerous members held lectures on their area of competence during the afternoon of the first day.

The reception was held in bright sunshine during the early evening. The business dinner was interrupted by a digital intermediate course: the presentation of the DSV’s new Internet presence – a solution that will facilitate and support information, communication and the dialogue among the members. In addition, the new DSV online presence will also provide valuable support as a proactive industry information platform for external communication.

The second event day was filled with formal reports, the regular election and the reception of the three new associated members.

Robust financials, highly committed members, a joint consensus regarding the topical orientation of the DSV, a high consent to the executive board’s activities, an increasing member base in the technical committee, a cautiously positive business development in spite of uncertain future forecasts – these were the aspects that determined the formation of opinions for the re-elections. Stephan La Roche and the previous executive board members were re-elected unanimously. The Drahtseil-Vereinigung e.V. will continue to focus on continuity, drive and actively taking on the international markets’ challenges.

“Our joint vision is to continue to speak up loud and clear for the industry! This vision will unite us in the future as it did in the past. While being a small association, our influence is nonetheless extremely high. We must increase the external – and international – influence of our industry”, said Stephan La Roche, closing the member meeting of the Drahtseil-Vereinigung e.V. 2010 with a both motivating and programmatic outlook on the next two years.

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