• Drahtseil-Vereinigung e.V. – an association celebrates its anniversary

Drahtseil-Vereinigung e.V. – an association celebrates its anniversary

The Drahtseil-Vereinigung e.V. celebrates its 65th anniversary in autumn 2010. Is has represented the interests of its members for 65 years and combines the companies’ economic power in a strong association.

Two important events in the post-war era of Germany in 1945 – in October and November – resulted in the establishment of the wire rope association.

The representatives of 23 wire rope mills located in the British occupation zone met on October 22nd 1945 at the “Ringhoff“ tavern in Hamm (North Rhine-Westphalia). At 11:00 a.m., Carl Haiblen (director of Felten & Guilleaume Carlswerk Eisen- und Stahl A.G., Cologne Mülheim) opens the meeting as the Chairman. During this meeting, the statutes of the future “Drahtseil-Vereinigung, Essen“ trade association was vividly discussed. The participants elect an Executive Board consisting of a Chairman and two Deputy Chairmen from mixed, half-mixed and mere mills. The participants decide to found the “Drahtseil-Vereinigung“ in a fortnight during the incorporation meeting in Essen.

Director Carl Haiblen opens the incorporation meeting of the “Drahtseil-Vereinigung” on November 14th 1945 at 10:15 a.m. 18 wire rope mills had sent their representatives to the meeting at the Hotel Kaiserhof (Stadtschänke) in Essen. The passing of the statutes was exciting. After a fierce discussion, the participants decide that the election of the Chairman and the two Deputy Chairmen should not require a ¾ majority as envisaged but rather a simple majority of the casted votes.

The participants decide unanimously to elect the Chairman and the 1st Deputy Chairman by acclamation. Director Carl Haiblen (Felten & Guilleaume Carlswerk Eisen- und Stahl A.G., Cologne Mülheim) is elected as the Chairman, factory owner Eduard Wolf (Gustav Wolf Seil und Drahtwerke, Gütersloh) as the first Deputy Chairman, and Dipl. Ing. Fritz Wengeler (Heinrich Puth KG, Blankenstein) is elected as the second Deputy Chairman in a ballot vote with 12:6 votes against Hugo Wohlfahrt (Drahtseilwerke Hugo Wohlfahrt, Neheim). The Drahtseil-Vereinigung is born.

After the final adoption of the statutes on May 3rd 1946 and the application for entry in the Register of Associations on November 21st 1946, the Drahtseil-Vereinigung, having its registered seat in Essen is formally entered into the Registers of Associations on February 5th 1947.

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