• 65th anniversary of the rope wire Champions League

65th anniversary of the rope wire Champions League

One of the most traditional German industrial associations, the “Drahtseilvereinigung (DSV) e.V.” from Düsseldorf, currently celebrates its 65th anniversary. Founded with ambitious objectives in 1945 when Germany was all ruins, the DSV today presents itself in ship shape.

by Ingo Kabutz

Stuttgart. The first thing was to overcome the ruins of the post-war years, building bridges, cranes, cars … and all that was needed for a better and more stable future. The German economic miracle and the global competitiveness of our hidden champions that still exists today would have never been realised without the highly advanced special ropes made in Germany in 1945 already.

„You lift, convey, connect and solve problems everywhere”, chairman Stephan LaRoche recalled the indispensable advantages of wire ropes in general and the development of the wire rope association in particular during his highly skilful and typical humorous speech. 18 German wire rope mills had sent their representatives to Essen on occasion of the establishment of the Drahtseilvereinigung on November 14th 1945. On the 17th and 18th of November 2010, a total of 37 plant managers and executives from the wire and wire rope industry came to Stuttgart to celebrate the association’s 65th anniversary.

Stephan LaRoche noted in his speech during the ceremony on November 17th 2010 that the development of the Drahtseilvereinigung e.V. reflects the development of those industry sectors for which the wire rope has been and still is of critical importance. “Just like coal, steel, mechanical engineering and the automotive industry have changed during the decades; the wire rope association has undergone changes, seeing good and bad times.” LaRoche also emphasized that the image of the association had changed “from an industrial lobby to an industry club that has established itself among the leading German industrial associations.”

Together with the association’s Managing Director Inge Schillings, Stephan LaRoche subsequently informed the auditorium about the achievements and milestones of the member companies during the association’s 65 years of existence in context to contemporary events in a multimedia-based speech. Subsequently, Stephan LaRoche, Inge Schillings and the Deputy Chairmen Wolfgang Oswald, Dr. Wolfgang Scheunemann and Bastian Watermann as well as the other congratulators enjoyed what probably was the “world’s longest wire rope tart”, made of delicious almond paste and cake.

During the regular plant manager meeting at the Stuttgarter Institut, the plant managers discussed in particular the joint tasks and challenges expected to the wire rope association and each member company for 2011. The discussions were focussed on the current market conditions and the precursor material situation.

Overall, the participants were quite confident about the future. With a notable cautious optimism, not only the “celebratee DSV e.V.“ presented itself in best shape – also the markets and the business climate in the wire rope sector justify a positive outlook for the upcoming years.