Company: Drahtseil-Vereinigung e.V.
PO Box: Postfach 300252
Postcode, city: 40402 Düsseldorf
Country: BR Deutschland
Street, Number.: Kaiserswerther Str.137
(Drahthaus, Nähe Golzheimer Platz)
Postcode, city: 40474 Düsseldorf
Country: BR Deutschland
Telefon: +49 211 4564251
Fax: +49 211 4543376
E-Mail: (Petra Sommer)

Approaching by train
From Düsseldorf Central Station, take the subway lines U78 or U79 towards Messe/Rheinstadion and/or Duisburg.
This ride requires a category A ticket. Leave the train at the stop “Golzheimer Platz” after a ride time of approximately 10 minutes. The Drahthaus is located some 100 metres way back on the same road side.

Approaching by plane:
Approximately 15 minutes by taxi from the airport to the Drahthaus.